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To Delphwood Hibiscus
Home of the giant American flowering

 Here at Delphwood we believe that a giant hibiscus flower needs to be on a giant plant. the majority of nurseries these days either use dwarfing hormones to sell you a short plant which of course the folowing year grows three times as big. Other nurseries try to genetically dwarf the varties like the famous Fleming fields now have hybridized practically all their classic range into a dwarf format!  Here at Delphwood what you see is what you get if the plant grows to 1 meter naturally that is what you will have if it grows to 3 meters naturally then that is what you will have.
Welcome to Delphwood Specialist Botanic Gardens.
Hibiscus  Muenschusia,
THE  largest Winter hardy  herbacious perennial
in the world!!!
hardy to minus 22°c
Indigenous to North America and Canada.
 Also quite possibly the largest flowers in the world anything from 20 cm to 30 cm across
We are Hibiscus  Connaiseur's in the true sence,   
This comming new year 2014 we are presenting our new range of Hibiscus. all cultivars on sale will be our own creations. all our new varieties are named after a classic song! 
 the very first perfumed hibiscus
our new delicately scented orchid like flower!!!
We have taken the best genes from some of the classic famous cultivars and with unique cross breeding we have made considerable improvements on many of the popular varieties from the Fleming brothers and the walters Gardens collections. we have improved the "HABIT" and resistance to disease. also increased the size of the flowers. While we like to provide our customers with a choice of colours we also have a wide choice of Height's that is to say the ultimate height of the adult plant. Many of our customers simply cannot believe that a herbacious perenial can grow up to 2.5 or 3 meters in one year!!!
while we grow many varieties that are quite magnificent in stature we also have the more discrete 1.2 meter cultivars.
Here at Delphwood we believe that a giant hibiscus flower needs to be on a giant plant. All of our new cultivars that display the fabulous characteristics of the old classics like Kopper King Cranberry crush are twice the size and bushier with flowers to die for!!! we do have some varieties that are only 1 meter in height  for the smaller garden.
look out for the name Delphwood to be sure to get the real thing biologcally grown with no triffid surprises the following year!!!lol   
We are  Europe's ONLY 
 leading experts
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