All our plants are replicated by good old fashioned cuttings
Care of your plants.
 Hibiscus Muenschusia are a garden plant and are cultivated in the ground,They are cold hardy and planted in the ground they are hardy to about - 21°C and lower Zone 7. Planting Situation is best in  full sun. But In  very hot regions  a little shadow in the late afternoon is good. Rich moist fertile well drained Soil. Because of their rapid growth they need good  feeding high N,K,P plus magnesium. and water in the growing season. we use Tomato or Gerainium. feed this is available in crystal form to disolve in water or in granules.  It is obgliatory to put a deep layer of straw or leaves over the roots and around the stems, in winter, to protect against the hard frosts. Wait until spring before cutting the old dead branches.  Which will mark the location in the spring for watering etc. You can cut the old wood very short but I advise you to leave 5cms. Hibiscus start growth around mid may quite late.Hibiscus MUST have a period of cold in order to be healthy, and to make a good start in spring.
This plant does not grow well in pots of any size.
 Please plant in the garden. Do not plant in stagnant constantly wet ground these are not marsh plants as is commonly claimed. the wild vareties of H Palustris and grandiflora Coccineus and moscheutos will be found growing on embankments of a river or stream or lake but never In the water. the rule of thumb for aquatic plants is that a marsh plant will be found growing 10 to 20 centimeters under the water level a palustris plant will be found growing in ground 0 cm under water or just moist soil. 
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